The Bluewater DTS is unlike any other – namely because it takes place on a sailing tall ship! You will have the opportunity to strive after God and seek His plan for your life on the high seas of the Aegean while learning the basics of seamanship aboard the Next Wave. The journey begins with obtaining the STCW Basic Safety Training and team building at YWAM Harpenden, then continuing to Lesvos, Greece to board the Next Wave. While sailing through the Greek and Turkish Isles, you will be studying and growing deeper in your relationship with God, then, finish back in Lesvos before sending your team to the nations on outreach.

This course is part of the Centre for Discipleship Training Schools from the University of the Nations Colleges and Centres.

What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month adventure that will deepen your faith and challenge you to live a life worthy of the calling God has given you. This intensive program fuels inward transformation and outward application through worship, teachings, prayer, evangelism, service, and compassion. It is split into two sections; a lecture phase with a focus to know God and an outreach phase with a mission to make God known.

During lecture phase, you will hear daily teaching about who God is and how we can listen to His voice. Our emphasis is on personal application, not just head knowledge. Every week of lecture phase features a new international speaker, YWAM leader, or other member of staff who is experienced in the given focus. You can expect topics such as:

  • Nature and Character of God
  • Introduction to Seamanship and Sailing
  • Personality and Team Building
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Father Heart of God
  • Prayer & Intercession
  • Identity in Christ
  • Apologetics
  • Relationships
  • Evangelism & Missions
  • Holy Spirit
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Bible Overview
  • Christian Foundations

Additionally, you will engage in worship and intercession, be mentored by a member of staff, participate in small groups, and serve on board and in the local community.

Outreach phase focuses in on answering the call of the Great Commission: To make Him known. It’s a time of activating the knowledge you gained and the gifts you realized in the context of another country in need of the life-giving love of our Savior. This practically takes on many different shapes, such as: housing new arrivals in a refugee camp in Greece, running a children’s program at an orphanage in the Ukraine, or praying for someone on the streets Albania. Outreach locations are determined through times of prayer and intercession focusing in on God’s heart for the nations. In the past, outreach teams have been sent to Albania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and Greece.

This school is offered in partnership with YWAM Harpenden

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.

Hudson Taylor

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School Details

2018 | Summer School July 9th through December 21st

Lecture Phase: 13 Weeks
Outreach Phase: 10 Weeks
Debrief and Graduation: 1 week
Total: 24 Weeks

18 years old or older when program starts and high school graduate or equivalent.

No prior sea experience is required.

All fees include accommodation, food, and required study material for the school.

  • Registration Fee: £35
  • *Lecture Phase: £3000 + £500 Deposit
  • Outreach Phase: £1400 – £2100 (Cost dependant on location, to be decided during lecture phase)

*Cost includes STCW Basic Training and flight from London to Lesvos (£1300 value).  The STCW Basic Training will be during the first week of lecture phase.  There is a £500 discount available for those who already have the STCW Basic Training certificate. 

STCW Basic Training: The STCW is a 5-day Basic Training course that covers First Aid at Sea, Personal Sea Survival, Firefighting, and other essential safety training. It is a standard course that can be taken anywhere in the world and is legally required to serve as crew onboard any of YWAM’s vessels.  For more info on the course, click here.

Fees do NOT include flights, personal transportation, individual travel to or from DTS, immigration, or visa fees.  Dates are chosen to ensure that the free Schengen Visa will be enough to cover MOST trainees through the school.  If you are a non-EU citizen of a country honored by the Schengen visa agreement and are in the Schengen area before or want to stay after the course, you may be required to apply for different visa, NOT included in fees.




DTS Leader

I have been with YWAM since my DTS in Kona, Hawaii 2007.  I love watching movies, hanging out, cookies, and pugs.  My heart is for reconciliation, justice, and missions.

Favorite scripture: Psalms 23 
It is the scripture that brings me the most peace and a deeper understanding of God’s character.





I love hiking, traveling, and meeting new people.  Working with YWAM Ships worldwide, my missions is to see people live their lives to the fullest through their relationship with God.

Favorite scripture: Matt 6:25-34
A great reminder that we don’t have to depend on our own success in life, but God’s provision.



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the Next Step

Outreach will end with a week of debrief reflecting all that God has done in you and through you over the past six-months. It’s also a time of equipping for the future and praying into what adventure God has for you next! DTS is just the beginning, it opens the door to further training and ministry. The opportunities, both in YWAM and beyond, are endless! Next Wave is a vessel dedicated to training and releasing the Next Wave of missionaries, which includes you! Prayerfully consider returning to further your skills as a sailor through the School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS) or joining Crew. You will be amazed at where God can take you, and we’d love to help you get there!