Whenever two passions come together as one, something truly amazing happens; and that’s exactly what happens aboard the Next Wave. Joining Crew allows you to fuse your passion for sailing with your passion for pursuing Christ in the adventure of a lifetime serving aboard.

Why Join Next Wave Crew?

As Next Wave, we aspire to live out the YWAM value of championing young people and being visionary. We encourage fresh vision and new initiatives inviting you to share your ideas and dreams with us — let’s explore the seas and bring God’s kingdom to the Middle-Eastern frontier!

That moment when you forget you are volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours…

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Like all YWAM staff worldwide, our crew are required to have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS). All crew are recommended to make a two-year commitment. Additionally, all of our crew are non-paid volunteer positions. To join YWAM as staff anywhere in the world, you need to have your own financial backing. All of our crew members raise support to cover their expenses.

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Crewing Details

School of Navigation and Seamanship: 2018 | Spring School April 2rd through June 21th. SONS info.

Bluewater Discipleship Training School: 2018 | Summer School July 9th through December 21st. DTS info.

  • Deck Hands
  • Engineers
  • Officers
  • Cooks
  • Hospitality
  • Purser
  • DTS staff
  • On-Shore Administration
STCW Basic Training required. School of Navigation and Seamanship recommended for DTS BUT required for Crewing SONS.

The STCW is a 5-day Basic Training course that covers First Aid at Sea, Personal Sea Survival, Firefighting, and Social Responsibility. It is a standard course that can be taken anywhere in the world and is legally required to serve as crew. If you have trouble finding an STCW close to you, please contact us to help make arrangements. Also, if we receive enough enquires for the Basic Training, we will try to coordinate a course for a group to attend together at a location in the U.K. before continuing to Lesvos. (Please note: this is not covered by crew fees)

No prior sea experience is required, but is recommended and preferred.

Vary based off of experience, qualifications, and time commitment.

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