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Who is going to reach the lost of the islands of the Pacific or the small forgotten villages of the inlets of Africa?  Who is going to reach the lost in the sphere of the maritime industry?  Do you have what it takes to be a mariner?  The ship-equipped ministries are the fastest growing, least conventional, and excitment filled ministries in YWAM.  Start your adventure in YWAM ships with the Seamanship and Marine Safety course!

Why the SAMS course?

The Seamanship and Marine Safety (SAMS) course is the starting point for anyone who is interested in becoming a crew member of a YWAM ship, or to gain the training, experience, and certifications needed to work in the international maritime industry.  During the SAMS, you won't only receive training based off of the University of the Nations requirements, but you will gain the skills and knowledge required from the the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), International Shipping Federation (ISF), and international Standards for Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention.

Our heart behind offering the Seamanship and Marine Safety course is to share our passion and experiance of the ship-equipped ministries with those who are passionate to reach the lost.  The fleet is growing and we need more individuals who are willing to follow the call of adventure.  YWAM ships are not the "typical mission-field" and are not for the faint of heart.  Join us so that the Good News can reach all peoples and languages around the world. 

Matthew Baumgardner
UofN Maritime Academy Coach


This course is offered by YWAM Harpenden in partnership with YWAM Lesvos and YWAM Croatia

UofN Credits


Upcoming Dates

8th April - 3rd May 2019

Course fees

£250 Deposit + £800


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The journey of discipleship with YWAM starts with the Discipleship Training School (DTS). The aim of the DTS is to better discover God's call and meaning on your life. It opens the door to further training through the University of the Nations and in ministry partnered with YWAM. The opportunities, both in YWAM and beyond, are endless! Once you have completed your DTS, prayerfully consider returning to further your experience, sea-time, training, and qualifications by joining Crew. You will be amazed at where God can take you, and we’d love to help you get there!