Crew needed – On-board administrator/book keeper (Purser)

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This person will gather all relevant information about crew & guests when joining and leaving the vessel. They will also prepare a crew and ‘passenger’ list (as it is referred by shore authorities) in duplicate, prior to sailing. This list MUST be transmitted to the ‘Designated Person Ashore’ (DPA) in the support office. (At present, the Marine Superintendent, but several other senior staff are to be simultaneously informed by email to ensure the information is received and readily available in case of emergencies).

All people sailing with the ship as Trainee crew will have a Maltese medical certificate. This will be held by the ship’s nurse (if a qualified health practitioner) or the Master. If a medical condition (such as a peanut allergy) could endanger life or affect their day-to-day functioning, then other relevant people on board need to be informed (i.e. Galley Supervisor). Disclosure is on a ‘need to know’ basis.

The purser will also assist the Master in dealing with custom and immigration officials in each port where appropriate forms may be needed. To help with this, all crew and guest passports will be kept by the purser in the ships safe.

Additionally the purser will assist the Master and Director by supervising the petty cash (also kept in ships safe in the navigation office) and look after accounts for the vessel sending monthly reports to the Next Wave support office. The Purser can be appointed by the Master and/or the Director, however, it is advisable that the Next Wave support office is aware of who it is and has time to train that person before they start looking after accounts.

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