YWAM DTS Outreaches opportunities

study and live On-board

Intro into YWAM Ships

Sail the Aegean Sea

October to December 2019 and January to March 2020
accommodation on YWAM Next Wave

YWAM’s Sailing Training vessel is based in Skala Lautra, Lesvos, Greece.

We are once again open to host YWAM DTS outreach team and will partner with the refugee Day centre, 20 minutes away by car to ensure a U of N approved outreach experience.

Accommodation for up to 30 people on board based in a very peaceful and beautiful Greek port. The vessel will be stationary but offer short day sails for up to 12 passengers at a time (and additionally certified trainee crew). Due to Greek laws we can only do local sails in the bay with 12 passengers at a time.

However, the ship is equipped with sailing dingy, motorboat, two-person sea canoe and two diving tanks for our guest’s enjoyment. The port has two simple and attractive cafes with internet at the end of the gangway. The Island offers many places of cultural and natural beauty which can be visited using the ships seven-seater car.

Flights booked to Mytilini, Greece.

Accommodation, food and activities. YWAM outreach team rate is 15.00 euro per person per day.

A 7-seater vehicle is available for airport pick up, shopping, recreational trips and transport to Refugee Day centre. Cost is 1 Euro per person per journey.


Terms and conditions

  • We give priority for group bookings.
  • Individual bookings accepted from September 2019
  • A 10% non-refundable deposit required to secure a booking.
  • Balance is requested one months prior to arrival.
  • All payments to accounts at YWAM Harpenden UK (see donate page for details).
  • All visitors to adhere to ships safety procedures.
  • All sailing subject to weather conditions and local port authorities.
  • Individuals responsible for EU visas.
  • Scuba diving subject to local laws and personal qualification.
  • Volunteer participation requested for cooking, clean up and boat hygiene.
  • Visitors expected to respect YWAM core values and responsibilities.

for more info and to express interest contact

Captain Brian Sloan brian.sloan@uofn.edu
Captain Jeremy McWilliam capelgors@outlook.com