Graduation and Re-Pioneering

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The training courses on the Next Wave have been exceptional!  We are now looking to expand the amount of maritime training courses on-board through the University of the Nations and Royal Yacht Association.  Soon, we should have a UofN associate degree course developed, so the trainee can gain internationally recognized marine certificates, along with an Associates of Science in Maritime Studies.

Pretty exciting stuff is in store as we really hone in on the words of the Lord about the s/y Next Wave being a training vessel for the nations.

The SONS Graduated!

The 2018 School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS) was a huge hit!  All the trainees where amazing and a great addition to the Next Wave community during the course.  One of the students, Dane, after an intensive summer, has already completed his RYA Yacht Master (Offshore) practical exam and passed!  He is now on-board and Joshua is soon to re-join the sail with the Bluewater DTS.  Steven is continuing to work towards starting a ship based ministry in the Caribbean with his wife and four sons.  They have felt the ships calling since their DTS in Kona and it is very exciting to see them chasing after their vision.  Josiah is back in Canada and looking to serve on-board in the future.

We could not have been more blessed with this crew and with their diligence in following what the Lord has called them to.  Congratulations guys!

Joshua Teerling – SONS Testimony

Often the thought or hope is that because God told you to do something, if you do it there is going to be no opposition, and it will be a piece of cake. Two primary reasons I see for this to not be so are these: Walking in obedience to God makes you an enemy of the devil; second, growth happens when you step into a place of challenges and dependance on God.

The SONS was the perfect place to learn in sailing and seamanship and grow in my discipleship with those around me. God spoke, instructing me to join the SONS, and then continue to serve following my training. And it came with its own fair share of challenges even before the school started. But, through every single challenge, my relationship with God was strengthened and deepened.

My three months was spent surrounded by an amazing group of people and under an amazing group of leadership who cared both about my spiritual growth and discipleship, and my course studies. Not really any better way to do maritime training in my opinion. Sailing and sharing God in such a beautiful place, with some beautiful people is something I would not pass up.

Re-Pioneering the Bluewater DTS

The amazing people God is sending to the Wave this season didn’t stop with the SONS.  The Bluewater DTS staff and students are a truly amazing group of lads and ladies eager to dig deeper into their identity in Christ.

Sadly, the DTS has had a few setbacks.  Two of the students and one staff were not able to continue with the DTS, as the visa situation has tightened significantly with the refugees continuing to seek asylum into Europe.  Their presence is and will be very missed, but the Lord has already made evident, further plans for each of them!

Sailing south from Lesvos to visit historical sites in Turkey and other Greek islands, is defiantly a highlight of the Bluewater and is getting everyone excited (this trip is also a trail run for the future “Bible Voyages” on-board starting 2019).  We are striving for this DTS to leave with a better understanding of ships ministries, skills and knowledge that will help them serve with other YWAM ships, and a passion to see ALL nations reached with the Gospel.

Shelby Henriksen – DTS Testimony

These first few weeks of DTS have already been amazing! From day one I quickly grew to love everyone on our team so much. We feel like a big happy family. There’s something really special about doing life together, especially on a ship. I am beyond excited to see all of the spiritual and mental growth that I will be doing throughout the next few months. We have already been learning so much about God’s heart, local outreach, spiritual warfare, living in community with other believers, and  seafaring. This has already been one of the most impactful few weeks of my life and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface. God is moving, speaking, and working in my heart in ways I have never experienced before. I’m beyond thankful that he has made a way for me to enter this season of learning and growth.

Partner with YWAM Next Wave

While in Turkey we have the opportunity to load duty free fuel 44% cheaper than in Greece.   We had planned to fill the tanks to save filling up in Greece later on, but with our reduced numbers onboard, it has stretched our budgets.  We also have a safety equipment servicing that needs complete by the end of September.

Fuel Fill-up = GBP 6,700
Safety Equipment Service = GBP 2,200

Could you please pray with us for a swift solution the immigration challenges we are having and for donations towards fuel and the equipment service?  Also if you feel lead, you can donate to either of these projects or just to the ministry in general.

Our vision on the s/y Next Wave is to train, disciple, and release the next generation of God fearing, people loving, and passionate missionaries who are willing to leave safe harbor and serve wherever God calls them – even boldly going where no missionary has gone before. Working as a team, we have learned that we can achieve much together as we work to bless many of the ‘isolated and forgotten.’  Please join us in this combined effort, so we can continue to spread God’s love to the all and every of the peoples of the world!



Join Our Team

We are looking for God loving people who are passionate about marine-based ministry to work along with us as we continue to offer high-quality, yet affordable, training for the ships-equipped ministries of YWAM.

We are currently looking for an Administrative Assistant to help with training/course coordination, content writing/designing, and/or web development.

If you are interested, and have any skills in the following areas, please drop us a line:

  • Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, and content writing
  • Administration – Organized, detail oriented, and good with office programs
  • Communication – Good written and verbal communication
  • Web Development – Knows foundations of WordPress and web design
  • Visionaries/Dream Builders – Open to new ideas, but also following through with the dream

We would love to train you! If you have interest and want to develop your skill set, and/or would like to work toward your maritime certifications, don’t let the lack of skill stop you from reaching out.  We look forward to hearing from you!

*All positions are voluntary

Apply for Staff

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