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Pictured from left to right: Melinda Mitterhauser, Domanic Jordan, Benedict Aiton, Tanner Neufeld, Brian Sloan (Instructor), Johnny Otley, Matthew Baumgardner (Instructor), Benjamin Klett, and Erik Lambert


A Word from the Captain

The first School of Navigation & Seamanship (SONS) on YWAM Next Wave was a great success with all 7 trainees passing their final Royal Yacht Association (RYA) examinations. The first group were also helpful in planning how best to ‘deliver’ the training to meet EVERYONE’S needs in the future.

The aim of the School of Navigation & Seamanship (SONS) is to equip YWAMers with the basic knowledge and skills to help them become qualified crew in order to serve God and bless the needy through YWAM Ships globally. Our vessels need both qualified seafarers and passionate missionaries to meet the great task before us and embrace the opportunities God has given us in this age. Though this marine training, both these needs can be met and allow blessings to set sail.  – Captain Brian Sloan

Interested in joining the School of Navigation & Seamanship June 2018?  More info or apply here!

Bluewater DTS

Embrace the opportunity to strive after God and seek His plan for your life on the high seas of the Aegean while learning the basics of seamanship aboard the Next Wave.

The journey begins at YWAM Harpenden to begin team building, then continues to Lesvos, Greece as we set sail through the Greek and Turkish Isles, finishing back in Lesvos before sending you to the nations on outreach. More info or apply here!

An Update from Camp Moria

Overcrowding in Moria coupled with persistent hopelessness among the refugees results in deep frustration that boils over into anger quickly. Quite a small incident can turn into a fight which could quickly escalate into a riot.  Greek riot police are quick to respond and evacuate the volunteers. Amazingly, the refugees themselves have also acted as protectors of the volunteers.

Last month, one such riot led to the Euro Relief operations hut being burned down.  This resulted in paper work, computers, passports, housing records and supplies being destroyed and the camp being locked down from mid-afternoon.  However, the next morning the volunteers had returned and were serving the refugees as best they could. Such destruction only harms the refugees and they know it.  However, with deep-rooted hopelessness, reason is often ignored and replaced with anger and frustration.

The refugee crisis continues to be a long term challenge, with its complexities and persistent tension.

In an attempt to be a link to missing hope, YWAM and GEM are working to establish a day centre near the camp.  A long term YWAM team is there currently to develop a campus and community that will provide training, both for YWAMer to serve the refugees and services for the refugees. (e.g. language learning, sports ministries, etc). The YWAM Training vessel s/y Next Wave will operate from this new base for the foreseeable future. This is a big resource investment for us, however, we feel like it is where the Lord wants us for now.

For our volunteers, practical service, compassion, and unlimited kindness bring about breaks in this tension. Your help with volunteering, individually or as a team, or donating to the efforts is much appreciated.

A Volunteer Story

“My first day being assigned a full shift in the Syrian quarters, a Greek Army Captain came in – my first instinct was to ask them what they needed and if there is anything I can help them with – maybe feeling a little protective of the people and the calm atmosphere that day. They said they were just inspecting and we proceeded to make a little small talk before they continued with their task. They came back to the gate a few minutes later asking me to please organize the people to clean and expressed they were concerned about the health of the people. I told them I would take care of it. Marching orders. Spent the next two days cleaning and filled multiple dumpsters of nasty trash. Oh, and scrubbed that concrete. At first, I couldn’t get the kids to help, but by the end of the first day they were fighting over the dust pan. Success. On day two, my roommate had given me some cleaning supplies to aid in the project. It was amazing how willing the people were to clean when they simply had a little bleach. Day two turned into a chore day for all. Women were scrubbing their bathrooms and floors. At one point, I was looking for a toilet in a unit where the ladies were scrubbing away. I had to go pretty bad, and they understand no English at all. I said “hamam” but they couldn’t understand that I needed to use it. But then I made the squatting motion and pointed to myself and they busted out laughing and pushed me into a stall!”

Partner with YWAM Next Wave

As you may know, YWAM Ships has been around since the 1960s, under different names, and continues to grow.  In 2010 we were only in possession of two vessels, now (July 2017) the YWAM fleet consists of 26 vessels, with Loren Cunningham’s goal of running 40 by the end of 2020.  By God’s direction, that goal very well may become reality.  With such an optimistic goal, the cycle of being trained and training others is crucial to the development of the ministry.

YWAM Next Wave is committed to training missionaries to use vessels of all sizes to reach, otherwise, unreached people around the globe.  The current YWAM Ships fleet range from small cruise ships, to ocean going yachts and river boats.  Each ship equipped base is a separate legal entity responsible for no more than their own local operations, however they are all committed to the 18 Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission which unifies us under Christ.

Our vision as YWAM Next Wave is to train, disciple, and release the next generation of God fearing, people loving, and sailing passionate missionaries to go where no missionary has gone before.  We want to train you, so you may go train others around the world in the model of multiplication.  The gospel will be spread to all nations!

Please consider partnering with Next Wave in supporting this vision!

Partner =  £29 or $36/Mo | 3 Year Commitment

(£348 annually or one-time donation of £1,044)
($432 annually or one-time donation of $1,296)

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