Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lesvos

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Community Night aboard The Next Wave, December 12. 70 – 90 persons attended, including refugees with the opportunity to hear a message of hope.

A Word from the Captain

We would like to wish all those who have supported and served the ministry of YWAM Next Wave a heartfelt thank you and Happy Christmas. At this time of year when we celebrate the gift of Jesus, we are grateful for all of you who help make it possible to bring HIS gift of love and hope here to Lesvos.

The vessel is in generally great condition, and certificates all up to date. Of course, there is always more to do!  The first of the new masts should go on in December and the second mast and bow sprit in March. Please pray with us that we can see this operation completed safely and we can raise the extra funds to pay for manufacture and installation of these news masts. If you could be our advocates, within your network, to encourage donations towards the costs of the masts, this would be most appreciated.

– Captain Brian Sloan


“I’m telling the solemn truth:
Whenever you did one of these things to someone
overlooked or ignored, that was me—
you did it to me.”
Matthew 25


An Update from Camp Moria

The S/Y Next Wave is still partnered with the pioneering base, YWAM Lesvos, serving as a home base for the volunteers that come to work in Camp Moria.  Until YWAM Lesvos is able to find a location that suits their needs, or The Lord calls us elsewhere, we will be here to help.

Winter has arrived, and the conditions are miserable. Unfortunately, despite a large number of Syrian families being transferred to Athens, there are still growing numbers in Moria.  Also, the YWAM volunteer numbers have been steadily dropping off.  Please pray with us that we can see a marked increase in volunteer numbers in the very near future to help in Moria. If you could also be our advocates, within your networks, to encourage others to volunteer to serve with us, that would really help.  You, who have served with us before, know best the situation and needs and can give powerful testimonies.

Visit to volunteer and become a part of the story.

2018 will be a busy year with the School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS)
and the Bluewater (Sailing) DTS running back to back.
For more information:

School of Navigation and Seamanship 26th March 2018

Bluewater DTS 9th April 2018

A Refugee Story

My name is Manhood Najjar, I was born and lived in Racca, Syria in 1993, I am 24 years old.  My passion and love since a child has been to be a world champion break dancer! When I was just about to enter some serious competitions in Syria the civil war started and the blackness came, with bullets and bombs and cruelty.

One day some soldiers stopped me and said I must join the army, they also said only girls dance. This made me very angry.  While sitting in a room waiting I closed my eyes, bowed my head and said a prayer from my heart. “Dear God, please help me. I do not want kill, I just want to dance and bring joy to people.”

I was taken down a corridor by two soldiers. Just then a door opened and a man stepped out and told the soldiers to stop. I realized he was an officer. He said, “Where are you taking this boy?”

They replied, “To interrogation, he is from Racca, he is selling weapons to Isis!”

The officer then said “Can’t you see he is only a boy? His mother will be looking for him, he is not selling weapons to anybody, let him go.”

The soldier’s then left me standing in front of this strange man in pajamas.  He asked me “Are you all right my boy, can I help you.”

I said, “Please let me return home to my mother in Latakia.”

He said, “Go quickly.”

Now, many years later, I found a place outside Camp Moria where I can teach other boys how to dance.  This has given them joy and a smile on their faces.  I am also so happy that I can come to Next Wave on Wednesday night.  I see so many joyful people and smiling faces. The music and singing are very good. If there was room I would dance!  So many nationalities helping and being helped.  There is goodness in the world, there is hope, there is freedom.

Thank you.
Manhood Najjar

Partner with YWAM Next Wave

As you may know, YWAM has operated ships, in various capacities, since the 1970s, and continues to grow. In 2007 we were only in possession of two vessels, now (December 2017) the YWAM fleet consists of 26 vessels, with Loren Cunningham’s goal of running 40 by the end of 2020.  By God’s direction, that goal very well may become reality.  With such an optimistic goal in site, the cycle of being trained and training others is now central to its realization.

YWAM Next Wave is committed to training missionaries to use vessels of all sizes to reach, otherwise, unreached people around the globe.  The current YWAM Ships fleet range from small cruise ships, to ocean going yachts and river boats.  Each ship equipped base is a separate legal entity responsible for no more than their own local operations, however they are all committed to the 18 Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission which unifies us under Christ.

Our vision as YWAM Next Wave is to train, disciple, and release the next generation of God fearing, people loving, and sailing passionate missionaries to go where no missionary has gone before.  We want to train you, so you may go train others around the world in the model of multiplication.  The gospel will be spread to all nations!

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