Partnership in Lesvos

Our response to a global problem

The Refugee Crisis

In 2015 and 2016 Europe was impacted by a sudden influx of millions of asylum seekers; most of them coming from the Middle East where civil war and terrorism forced them to flee their home-countries. As the magnitude of the crisis became clear the Church rose up and many short-term volunteers were mobilized to come and serve those who were arriving on Europe’s shores and those regionally displaced.

Our Part

Through our experience in engaging the crisis, we quickly discovered the greatest needed resource was not just the basic physical necessities you might typically assume, but rather a need for people: a need for those marked by hearts of compassion who are willing to take a step of faith and help.

Although the spot-light of the media has shifted off of the Syrian refugees, the issue is far from over.  Thousands of refugees continue to make the hazardous crossing, looking for a new life.  While short-term relief was impactful, now a longer vision of sustainability is needed.  Next Wave, operated by YWAM Harpenden, is now partnered with YWAM Biarritz and their team, YWAM Lesvos, to aid as best we can in the longer term solution for the refugee situation in Lesvos, Greece.  The long term goal is to empower those who are settling in, assist those in transition, and reach out to those who are still in conflict zones through discipleship and community outreach.