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Dear friends

The 42-metre sail training vessel s/y Next Wave has been serving in YWAM since 2007. It has sailed as far north as Norway, west as Ireland, east as Ukraine and south as Israel, as well as visiting most countries in between.  It has run a Discipleship Training School (DTS) annually and trained numerous young people towards their marine qualifications.  The crew and visiting church or YWAM outreach teams have undertaken port city evangelistic campaigns.  Additionally, the vessel has hosted YWAM bible schools, evangelism training and even run a 3-month training programme for Chinese missionaries in Tunisia.  It also ran a two-year internship and leadership development programme, that has seen graduates go onto pioneer YWAM ministries or strengthen existing ones.

In October 2015, while the vessel was sailing from Sicily to Greece with a DTS onboard, the Greek Refugee crisis started. Simultaneously, a team from YWAM Biarritz stepped up to co-ordinate the volunteer efforts on the island of Lesbos, which was the epicenter for the arrival of refugees from Turkey.

At the beginning of 2016, s/y Next Wave sailed to Lesbos to be greeted by the YWAM team there, who declared her an answer to their prayers. Immediately, the vessel became the major hub for Christians working on the island and coordinating help for the thousands of desperate refugees, initially passing through and later detained in refugee camps.

The s/y Next Wave has remained in Lesbos, supporting the work, as the refugee numbers in increased to over 8,000. Alongside this, a School of Navigation and Seamanship (SoNS) was started in spring 2017 with a second running in 2018 onboard to train new crews for the growing YWAM fleet serving the poor and needy around the world.

With the vessel being mostly stationary, housing refugee camp volunteers, the opportunity to complete deep maintenance has resulted in a near two-year refit throughout the vessel.  This has included removal of the wooden masts and bow sprit and purchase of three cedar trees to carve new masts.

This March, we plan to complete the refit, installing new masts among many other jobs with a faithful group of skilled volunteers.  The vessel should then be ready for the spring SoNS and a Bluewater DTS that will follow in July, all training up much needed crew for our mission ships.

However, to complete this work, we require to raise extra funds. The more we can raise the more we can achieve in this refit cycle. Would you consider giving a gift towards this critical refit?  If we could raise £40,000, we could complete all the jobs in our list!

Partner with YWAM Next Wave

Our vision as YWAM Next Wave is to train, disciple, and release the next generation of God fearing, people loving, and sailing passionate missionaries to go where no missionary has gone before.  Working as a team, we have learned we can achieve much and bless many of the ‘isolated and forgotten’.  Please join us in this combined effort, so we can continue to spread God’s love to the forgotten nations of the world!

In Christ’s service,

Captain Brian G. Sloan
On behalf of the crew and support team of YWAM Next Wave

If you are interested in supporting/partnering please CLICK HERE!

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