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Want to be crew of a super yacht?  Have a heart for the lost around the world?  Want to take your boating experence to the next level?  The STCW Basic Training is an internationally recognised, regulated, and trusted training progtam required for all commercial maritime personnel world-wide.  Training covers Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, and Proficiency in Security Awareness as per STCW code.

Why STCW Basic Training?

The Basic Training through YWAM Next Wave is paired with the curriculum standards of the University of the Nations to ensure a deeper understanding of the content, and to continue your discipleship journey.  The Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping (STCW) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are the regulating bodies of the Basic Training.  The Basic Training and is offered at a STCW and MCA approved facility in partnership with the s/y Next Wave.

The maritime industry internationally is, and has been, in a drought of qualified mariners.  Our heart behind offering the STCW Basic Training course is to get individuals qualified in the most economical, yet with the highest quality training possible.  We want to inspire and be an example that minisrty isn't just preaching, but can also be serving as crew that takes medical ships to the forgotten around the world.

Domanic Jordan
UofN Maritime Academy Principal Administrator


This course is offered by the YWAM Maritime Academy in partnership with YWAM Croatia and YWAM Newcastle



2020 Dates


Course fees

April - £520
Sept - TBD

UofN Credits


Course prices include: all meals, course materials, lectures, and accommodation.  They do not include flights or personal transportation.

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The Next step

The journey of discipleship with YWAM starts with the Discipleship Training School (DTS). The aim of the DTS is to better discover God's call and meaning on your life. It opens the door to further training through the University of the Nations and in ministry partnered with YWAM. The opportunities, both in YWAM and beyond, are endless! Once you have completed your DTS, prayerfully consider returning to further your experience, sea-time, training and qualifications by joining Crew. You will be amazed at where God can take you, and we’d love to help you get there!