What we do…

We aim to use sailing as a medium for leadership development, character building, and sharing of the Christian faith.  We aim to develop young leaders’ character in attempt to make the world a better place as a direct result of their Christian faith and values.  Regular and constant sail training and various Bible focused schools aid us in this training.


        About Us

  • The S/Y Next Wave is a gaff-rigged steel-hulled ketch.
  • The Next Wave is owned by YWAM Ltd. and operated by Marine Reach Europe.
  • YWAM Next Wave is a UK registered charity #1148055

To raise uptraindisciple, and release the next ‘wave’ of missionaries


Raise up: to call out, or make known, an individual’s life calling.
Train: to provide them with the skills needed to achieve their desires and dreams.

Disciple: to provide support, encouragement, and transformation, as well as learning to disciple others into developing a Biblical world view.
Release: to send out equipped, trained, and supported individuals into their life callings.
Next wave: to recognize that this is a new time and a new generation that requires new methods and new approaches.
Missionary: a leader who has the state of mind that all their life’s efforts are for the extension of Gods kingdom and who possess the skills and spiritual maturity to put ideas into action.

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